This wiki has it's rules.


Every Project Blog must be added to Category:BETA Games/User Projects.


Always respect the members of the wiki.

If a user posts a content such as a fanart or a project,don't say bad or destructive comments about it.

DO NOT post personal information about yourself,such as real name,family name,age,home,etc.

(For Admins)Abusive admins will be perma-blocked (AA,or Admin Abuse,is when a admin blocks a user with no logical reason,deletes official pages,violates wikia's terms of use (Can also be seen on regular members),deletes user content such as blogs,and uses badly his position as a admin,and that is NOT accepted all over wikia).

Do not lie.When somebody asks for help, furthermore, do not scam. This will result into a perma-ban.

NSFW content are obviously not allowed...Do you really laugh at these gross jokes?

Do not manhandle anyone.Nobody deserves it.

When creating a page

Put a link to play/download thegame of the page.

DO NOT create pages of games that don't exist.

Always use the Game Info Template to put a game's info.

(Optional)You can include the game's plot (But don't give spoilers)

If you know how to create videogames,don't do a project page of your game,if you are going to make a game project,make it in a blog post,or in a discussion.

Say the category of your game.

BETA games(Nearly finished games,but still in testing),must be added to Category:BETA Games/User Projects.


All images with adult content will be deleted,unless it is censored.

Memes won't be accepted unless they are posted in forums/blogs or profile pages.

No gore images will be accepted.

Images with content posted with the purpose of insulting a user won't be accepted.

Fanart won't be allowed in the game info,but you can post fanart in a blog,subforum,or in a comment.

When posting a art in the comments,make sure of posting it in the page of the game (Example:A user makes a fanart of Lightning Fighter 2, the user MUST post it in that page).

Page editing

No deleting important content (Or you'll be blocked)

No spam (Or you'll be blocked)

No adding false information (Or you'll be blocked)


No template deleting

If you want to change a template,you must show me a preview of it in my message wall,and i'll decide the rest.

Other:Respect all the wikia's terms of use.

Be a good hardcore gamer. :)